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June 09 2014


The advantages of Training to become a HGV Driver

The demand for experienced LGV drivers is great and there are numerous LGV jobs available for qualified individuals. HGV driving is really a term which is applied to heavy goods vehicle drivers in the United Kingdom and European union. They carry various heavy items that might include substances, food, or large equipment. Needless to say, it takes a great amount of skill, expertise, and certification to acquire one of many available LGV jobs. Let us take a closer look at this particular profession.

Currently there is a high demand for people in this particular industry since a general shortage of skilled driver's exists. Numerous organizations are now actively hiring new people for their businesses and there are also agencies that can provide work to the independent HGV driver as well. Therefore, the opportunities for future work in this industry are increasing. In fact, this is a great profession for those just graduating or thinking about changing their career.

However, HGV jobs are not suitable for everyone. It requires a special kind of personality. People who appreciate venturing out in the openair, faraway from a confined office are quite ideal for this kind of position. LGV drivers should likewise show a high degree of self-motivation and have an independent character because they will spend a long time alone while driving. The individual needs to have a natural love of driving big rigs in the open road since it may wear them down over time if they did not. It is also essential that an LGV driver has a sharp and attentive nature. This is due to the nature of the occupation and exposure to different external situations that could cause unsafe conditions.

The credentials for HGV Jobs are very distinct. Obviously, the candidate must have outstanding on the road driving skills. They must be over 18 years old, have a clean driving license and have passed both a medical and an HGV driver's exam. The work mandates that the candidate holds several needed certifications, for instance a certificate of professional competence.

The HGV driver typically transports their cargo across the country plus they normally work 40 hour weeks or maybe more. HGV drivers are a very important section of the trucking industry and they are a group in their own right. Getting one of the many HGV Jobs is entryway to a extremely rewarding career for the right individual. So, if you are searching for work, have you thought about a job driving LGV?s, it could be ideal for you.

Adhering to these guidelines will make is easier for you to find a HGV driving job that satisfies your needs in almost no time at all. Good luck! If you are looking to find hgv driver jobs you will find plenty on this website www.adrnetwork.co.uk/hgv-jobs.

April 12 2014


LGV Driving Vacancies

Tips on how to Profit from Your Heavy goods vehicle Job Applications

Even during a busy time of year where requirement for truck drivers is high, it could be tricky to secure your ideal Heavy goods vehicle driver position. Have you been trying to get HGV driving work and not getting anywhere? Keep reading on for some practical suggestions on how to benefit from your applications.

Tip One - Check You Have the Proper Qualifications

In order to be a Heavy goods vehicle driver in the UK, you'll have to have one of numerous qualifications, depending on the job you apply for. A category C1 license is the new HGV class 3 license and permits a driver to drive a truck with a highest weight of 7,500 kilos. The C1 E license enables the same but with a trailer connected of over 750 kilos, but which weighs less than the an entire unladen weight of the truck. Category C is the new HGV Class 2, enabling the driver to drive any large goods vehicle with a trailer of up to 750 kilos. Category C E is the newest Class 1 License and permits the trucker to operate any large goods vehicle with a trailer of a weight of over 750 kgs.

Second Tip - Think About Your Job Requirements

A lot of Heavy goods vehicle drivers will be are required to go from coast to coast and also in another country. Take into consideration if these working conditions are going to suit well with your other responsibilities. It may be more wise, for instance, to search only for positions which require you to carry out tasks in your local area in the event you don't wish to stay away from home. You also must settle on how many hours you would like to work each week - are you searching for a full time, part time or zero hours deal?

Third Tip - Improve the CV

If you haven't sent applications for employment for a period of time, you may find that you should improve your CV. Ensure that your CV is an accurate representation of your work experience and that you include explanations for any gaps in employment. Check the CV cautiously for spelling and grammar mistakes - it helps to read it out loud or to ask somebody else to check it out for you.

Adhering to these tips will make is easier for you to get a HGV driving job that satisfies your requirements in almost no time at all. Good luck! This informative site www.adrnetwork.co.uk/hgv-jobs offers a lot of immediate driver hgv jobs.

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